Xubri educational applications allow students to finish good practice fast for a variety of academic skills.

Educational Apps

  • Xubri Addition icon

    Xubri Addition

    Xubri Addition provides students with individualized daily practice for basic addition facts (0 + 0 through 9 + 9.)

  • Xubri Subtraction icon

    Xubri Subtraction

    Xubri Subtraction provides students with individualized daily practice for basic subtraction facts (0 - 0 through 18 - 9.)

  • Xubri Multiplication icon

    Xubri Multiplication

    Xubri Multiplication provides students with individualized daily practice for basic multiplication facts (0 x 0 through 9 x 9.)

  • Xubri Division icon

    Xubri Division

    Xubri Division provides students with individualized daily practice for basic division facts (0 ÷ 1 through 81 ÷ 9.)

Educational Songs & Albums

  • Xubri Little Birdies by Fives (Single)

    Xubri: Little Birdies by Fives (Single)

    The Xubri Math Facts Bundle provides students with the basic addition facts, basic subtraction facts, basic multiplication facts, and basic division facts apps at a reduced bundle price.

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Why aren't Xubri Apps in app stores anymore?

The goal for Xubri apps has been to provide well-designed learning resources that can help children learn while in school. Many schools now maintain approved application lists, and teachers can only choose from a small selection of apps. By transitioning to web apps, many more teachers can now leverage the Xubri apps in their daily classroom routines.

Why aren't Xubri practice apps more like games?

Let's face it, math games probably aren't ever going to be as fun as the popular games available. Additionally, students are ultimately preparing for assessments during which they will have to focus quietly for a few minutes. By matching the context of the assessment, Xubri apps helps students better prepare. Xubri educational applications are meant to help students finish good practice fast so they get back to the other things they want/have to do, whether they are in the classroom or at home.

Why are Xubri practice apps so simple?

While the apps appear simple, Xubri practice apps are carefully designed to promote efficient learning. Students should be able to quickly start and complete practice that is carefully crafted for their individual needs through adaptive practice sessions. Simple, effective educational apps are hard to make, but they are wonderful to use.

Are Xubri apps FERPA, COPPA, [Insert name of new privacy standard here] compliant?

Xubri apps are currently designed to keep all student data on the local device (e.g., the phone or tablet it's running on) at all times. We don't store any information in the cloud. This usually means Xubri apps can be used in classroom settings without issue, but every situation is different, and we can't guarantee compliance. We have a privacy policy that you can (should) view for more details.

How is Xubri pronounced?

ZOO - bree.

What if I find a bug?

Please contact us using the email:

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